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How to pair wine with food

Wine Tasting
Each dish has its own ideal wine to accompany that should be served at the correct temperature. It's necessary to consider the various types of wine, red and white, sparkling wine, liqueur, sweet, lively white, red frame, pink, soft white, aromatic, full-bodied red, each with its own degree of aging and importance, in order to offer good food and wine pairing in a menu.

The pairings between wine and food are numerous and varied. The agreements must be established between the smells and flavors of the wine and the dish tasted. Today more then ever the importance of food is higher on the world stage. Any excuse is good to talk about food and wine, if you consider all types of cuisines and fashions that are born every day: nouvelle cuisine, traditional cuisine, cuisine reinvented, fusion cuisine, cooking finger food, ethnic cuisine and ... so forth.

Because of the importance given today to the cuisine is inevitable to be able to bring the right wine to the food served on the table. Beyond the taste, which is always strictly personal, there are some basic considerations to evaluate when choosing a wine to pair with food. See Table of combinations.

How to pair wine with food 

1) Identify the components of the flavor of a food 
It is important to decipher the flavor components of a food to see what value and what to compensate with wine. Sweet, bitter, salty, sour, spicy, spicy, are just some of the flavors that result from a plate.

2) Identify the components of the flavor and structure of a wine 
Even with the wine must decipher the components and main characteristics. It is important, both for food and for wine, that once established the dominant flavors you choose whether to use a food matching that enhances or attenuates these aspects predominate.

3) Advice 
It is suggested to always look for a balance in the matching.

A delicate dish requires a light wine, while the strong flavors you respond in kind with an important wine.

Importance of the right wine 
After each mouthful of the same food, the taste buds send signals to the brain less and less strong, then you can appreciate that food less and less. Precisely for this reason it is important to match the right wine, you say "perfectly clean" the mouth combine harmoniously with the food so that every bite is as good as the first.

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Why a wine tour in Tuscany is a must?

The recent trend in the world of travel and tourism is to opt for wine tours. These tours are quite different any other kind of tour. Ne gets the opportunity to visit a vineyard and check out the entire process of wine making on their own. Sounds interesting? Well it is and if you want to opt for a wine tour then there is no better place than Italy. 

This destination boasts of so many different attractions like the Chianti wine tour , Barolo wine tour, Brunello wine tour.

But in order to enjoy this tour and in order to make the most of the opportunity one must take into account the following points
  • Once you decide on the date of your travel contact your local travel agent as well as an agent in Chianti. Tell them when you would like to visit. Once the agent in Chianti confirms the dates for the wine tour, you can go ahead and give confirmation to your travel agent so that he can book the flight tickets and hotel accommodations. It is an added bonus, if your travel agent can himself book your wine tour, then you won't have to take the extra headache of contacting the local agent out there.
  • What about the documents that you need to visit the vineyards? Is there any special kind of permit that you need? Collect information regarding this, or ask your agent.
  • Always opt for a guided Brunello wine tour so that the guide can assist you and tell you about the specialty of the vineyard and the kind of wine it manufactures. Also find out whether you need to tip the guide once the tour is over.
  • Don't forget to convert your currency. Don't expect to reach the venue and then do it. Ask your agent to do it on your behalf and collect the currency before you travel.
  • Now that your tour is booked, what about the temperature of the place. Gather as much information as possible so that you can pack your bag accordingly. Otherwise you will end up carrying unnecessary clothes.
  • Don't forget to carry your camera; after all you need to click photos, right?
  • Enquire if there is any accommodation inside the vineyard where you can stay and spend the day. It is the best way to soak in the natural beauty and enjoy the vineyard.
  • And finally ask the cost involved for the entire tour. As you are opting for a wine tour the cost will be a bit high end but trust me it is worth every single penny invested.
Once you consider all these aspects you will be at a better position to take your decision. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy your holiday. Certain holidays are such that you remember them for the rest of your life. I can bet that this is one such holiday.