Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Vernaccia of Wonders

Winery in San Gimignano
San Gimignano, the city of towers, produces the most famous  Vernaccia wich  is a wine appreciated for centuries by popes and princes, first in Italy to obtain the DOC and later the DOCG , this is the only white wine to bear the genetic improvement of varieties, carried out through field trials. The objective of this action are improvements thousandth that only specialists know imagine for a virtually perfect wine to the palate of ordinary mortals. As for the remaining wine scene, besides the production of Chianti area, there is the recent creation of the DOC San Gimignano to give space to other types of wine.


Grapes: Vernaccia di San Gimignano, between 90% and 100%, the non-aromatic grapes authorized for the remaining 10%

Colour: straw yellow, tending towards golden color with age.

Smell: fine, penetrating, characteristic.

Taste: dry, harmonious, with a characteristic bitter aftertaste.

Alcohol: 11%

Aging: up to 2 years. Qualifications "Rierva", with 11.5% and one year of mandatory aging, then up to three years.

Food pairing: white meat


1) Gicciardini Strozzi - Farm Cusona
Loc Cusona San Gimignano SI
ph 0577950028

2) Montenidoli
Loc Montenidoli San Gimignano SI
ph 0577941565
Wine testing: Monday - Saturday book in advance

3) Panizzi
Los Santa Margherita 34 San Gimignano SI
ph 057794157

4) Pietraserena
via di Casale 5 San Gimignano SI
Ph 0577940083

5) Fattoria Pietrafitta
Loc Cortennano 54 San Gimignano SI
Ph 0577943200

Wine tour to San Gimignano

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